Vintage Marbles

German Ribbon Swirl
German Latticino Swirl
German Blue Tint
German Double Ribbon
Speckled Clay
Akro Corkscrew
German Coreless Swirl
German Triple Ribbon
Peacock Swirl
Salmon Swirl
Chinese Clay
George Williams
Carnelian Agate
Divided Core
Solid Core
Onion Skins
Semi-Precious Stone

Handmade Vintage Clay Marbles

Handmade Vintage Clay Marbles

Clay marbles were being made thousands of years ago. People would just take clay and roll and roll to make the first clay marbles. Clay marbles really took off in the 1880's in Akron Ohio.

The great thing about Clay marbles are that in the 19th and 20th century they were made with varying colors and designs. Because people do not play with marbles the way they use too, this clay marbles have become awesome collector's items as well as a great, fun toy. No matter what color or type of clay marbles you want you are sure to find them.

If you want to add to your collection or start a new one, look no farther than EBay. There are plenty of vintage clay marbles to choose from. They are being sold at great affordable prices also. You can find whole sets for $20.00.

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